camp information

2024 Camp information

[ Camper groups ]

Group numbers will be emailed and added to your camper's ACTIVE profile. 

Group Assignments are determined by skill level. Our Camp Group Coordinator takes special care to place your gymnasts in the appropriate group to give them the best camp experience possible, so rest assured they will be set up for success! We know the campers will be at least training for the next level of gymnastics from what you listed during registration. Those are the skills we'll focus on during camp. 

[ Camp store ] 

You'll receive a custom GK Georgia Leotard and water bottle for attending camp. Camp leotards will be distributed during Pick-Up of Camp Day 1. You'll be able to purchase more camp swag through the camp store. 

NEW IN 2024!

[ meals + snacks ]

We will provide the meals and snacks as indicated on the schedule. Please let us know if your camper has a diagnosed food allergy during registration. If a camper has a diagnosed food allergy, we will try to accommodate them, but you're always welcome to send meals and snacks that you know are safe for them. 

[ UGA book store + pool ]

We will not have a trip to the bookstore during camp. Please check the bookstore hours and make sure you plan a time to go shopping. 

Exciting Update! We WILL have a pool rotation during Camps 1 & 2. Camp 3 will have another fun water activity, so please be sure to have your campers bring swim attire and a towel for their respective water activity day. 

[open gym + parent observation]

In order to ensure the safety of our campers and participants of the surrounding UGA camps, parents will not have access to the building during camp. This will help eliminate crowding and confusion during rotation transitions, snack/meal times, etc. We appreciate your understanding!

There will be an opportunity for parents to come watch an Open Gym session and the Closing Ceremony on the final day of camp. Parents will be able to access the facility at 2:30pm on the final day of camp. The gym will then open its doors at 3:00pm for Open Gym and Closing Ceremony. Please park in the Carlton Street Parking Deck (125 Smith St) to access the facility.