• Campers will be rotating their belongings with them throughout the day. Please make sure they have a bag or backpack that they can easily move with them.

  • Gymnastics Attire (Leotard, Shorts, Tights).

  • Grips/Wrist Guards (If Necessary).

  • T-shirt + Shorts to wear during rotations, not in the gym.

  • Tennis Shoes (that you can run in).

  • Water Bottle (Camper will Receive a CKC Camp Water Bottle on Day 1).

  • CKC Gymnastics Camp is not responsible for any money or other belongings lost or stolen.

[ camper drop-off ]

CKC Camps will use a rolling drop-off so parents/guardians don't have to park at the start of each day.

  • Follow the Map for the one-way drop-off loop.

Drop-Off Map

[ camper PICK-uP]

CKC Camps will use 4 designated doors for pick-up at the end of each camp day. You will know your campers' group number before you arrive at camp.

Please refer to the map to know where to meet your camper at the end of each day. You will need to park and meet at the doors to pick up your camper.

Pick-Up Map